About us

MS Ambulance

We are a privately owned company, founded on July 22, 1992. year under the name MS design d.o.o. since we have been successfully operating and creating in various craft activities and engineering challenges. In addition to the tuning on personal vehicles, we have attracted a lot of media attention with successful performances of convertible constructions on the chassis of the legendary VW Beetle.

In addition to tuning, we tested our creativity and the need for technical and design challenges for many years in the production of solar collectors with associated equipment and through market demand, we finally formed in the production of equipment for ambulances, thermoforming ABS sanitary linings, processing and editing ambulances and medical transport, which is currently our company’s main business.

In addition, on April 1, 2016, a new company was founded due to the specifics of the business called MS ambulance d.o.o. under what name the company still operates today, after the check we closed MS design.

Once MS design d.o.o. now MS ambulance d.o.o. it based its success exclusively on a high degree of innovation and the uniqueness of its products, and in combination with a significant percentage of its own production, exceptional competitiveness and market success was achieved.

The internal organization is tailored to the business and private interests of employees. The work is interesting, challenging and interesting due to creativity in work and work with the latest technologies, methodologies and practices in the production and development of the final product.

Teamwork, mutual support, a culture of good relations among colleagues and the horizontal structure of the company allows employees a strong influence in the company, the realization of initiative and control over achieving their own results that are recognized and rewarded which ultimately gives companies security strength and flexibility in the biggest business challenges.

The common goal of all employees strives for conscientious, meticulous and quality final performance of the final product with the aim of achieving top results with responsible and detailed attention to the smallest possible detail in the production process.

With multiple control through the process of the ISO 9001: 2008 system, we achieve constant progress in business and improving the quality of the product itself and achieving meaningful use value of finished products.

Mario Medvidović is the owner and founder of these companies. Born in Sarajevo on July 29, 1968. He completed his studies in Zagreb as a civil engineer. He has lived and worked in Jagodno since the very beginning of MS design and now MS ambulance d.o.o.

In addition to the well-established business of emergency medical transport vehicles, the company offers in its product range the production of mobile homes for tourism under the brand: MS mobile HOME and the production of SIP panels under the brand MS SIP panels / prefabricated construction. In addition to cooperation with business associates and subcontractors, we also build and assemble prefabricated family houses in SIP panel technology.

We have big plans and challenges ahead of us.


Ing. constr. Mario Medvidović