About us

MS Ambulance & MS Design

ms-design-ekipaMS Design Ltd. is founded privately owned company, founded in 22.07.1992. and since then has been successfully operating in various industries. We can single out creating cabrio design for VW Beetle with which we have achieved an enviable media attention at home and abroad.

We tried our creativity and the need for technical and design challenges for many years in the tuning-in cars for cabrio constructions for popular VW Beetle and the production of solar panels and associated equipment. Through the market demands in the end we formed the processing of ambulances and vehicles of Emergency Medicine.

Since 2016 MS Group enters into production of mobile holiday homes called MS Mobile Home.

MS Design Ltd. success is based solely on the high level of innovation and uniqueness of our products, combined with a considerable percentage of our production and has been achieved exceptional competitiveness and success as evidenced by the nominations for the best Croatian business owners for 2010 for a considerable number of patents obtained for protected models.

The internal organization is adapted to business and private interests of employees. The job is interesting, challenging and interesting because of creativity in work and work with the latest technologies and methodologies in the design and development of the final product. Teamwork, mutual support, culture of good relationships among colleagues and horizontal structure of the company allows employees a strong influence in the company, the exercise of initiative and control over their results that are recognized and rewarded.

Production of vehicles for emergency medical transportation and medical transportation since 01.04.2016 was redirected to our new company called MS AMBULANCE Ltd.


The common goal of all employees is a conscious, detail oriented and quality realisation of the final product in order to achieve exceptional results through a responsible and detailed surveillance of all elements in the production process.

By applying multiple controls in the ISO 9001:2008 process, we constantly progress in our work and improve the quality of the products as well as accomplish useful value of altered vehicles.

Company values and principles:

  • respect the highest ethical standards
  • settle all outstanding debts to partners within due dates
  • treat customers, partners and colleagues as we would like to be treated
  • employ the best available employees and establish the best possible
    business relationship
  • deliver quality products and offer the highest standard of technical support
  • honesty and perfection in any business contacts