ms ambulance

Model of processing M1 Type "B" H2L2 Peugeot

Basic Premium
Processing specification
Antibacterial panels, ergonomic shape with integrated shelves for medical equipment, large format
Thermal insulation
Compartment covered with transparent plastic material (plexi, acrylic)
Window 950x300 mm between the patient's and the driver's compartment
Broadcast floor, polyurethane coat, final top-coat, rounded edges, easy to clean
Ambulance seat MS safety belt in three points, horizontal displacement lateral 3 pcs
Ambulance seat MS safety belt in three points, horizontal displacement lateral 2 pcs
Ergonomically designed handles, 28 mm, blue colour, roof handle 160 mm, side handle 120 mm, front handle 80 mm, rear handle 60 mm
Air conditioning - heating - ventilation
Air-conditioning (heating 5.5 kW/ cooling 6.5 kW, separable system, manually regulated)
Webasto neovisno grijanje 2 kW
Extra electric heating 2000W, 220V
Central overhead ventilation (two-ways)
External lights, rotating warning lights – 3 pcs three-tone siren – 1 pc, 2 pcs LED flushing, built in bumper
Lateral LED - 4 pcs left / right, front LED - 4 pcs
Work light 1 pc. 20 W LED
Internal lights (LED lamp 8w – 7 pcs, LED lamp 3W – 2 pcs, LED blue night lamp, reflector LED indoor/outdoor 20 W – 1pc)
Night lamp LED, light when opening the door
Safety circuits automatic fuses
Possibility of vehicle ignition through an extra battery
Battery charger 16 Ah/ 220V
Outlets 12 V – 2 pcs
Outlet 220 V, 1pc
Outlet 220 V, 2pc
Inverter 1000W 220V
Inverter 700W 220V
External jack DEFA
Electronic regulation of vehicle electric consumers, foil keyboard, front/rear par
Reversing beeper
Reversing beeper
Extra battery 80 Ah
Extra battery 95 Ah GEL AGM
Integrated heater - coolant for infusion solution, electronic regulation
External visual signs
Tinted windows, approx. 80%
External vehicle graphics RAL 3024, according to customer demands
Other equipment
Roof carrier for infusion bottles
Container for municipal solid waste
System for oxygen DELTA P, DIN connection 1 pc / Mouth-nose mask (silicone hose) plus oxygen catheter. Option AFNOR, UNI, BS, SS
System for oxygen DELTA P, DIN connection 2 pcs/ Mouth-nose mask (silicone hose) plus oxygen catheter. Option AFNOR, UNI, BS, SS
Basic Premium

Additional equipment, medical equipment

Additional cabinet for documents between two front seats

Price: 200,00 €

Cabinet for doctor's bag with a drawer

Price: 420,00 €

Additional cabinet at the right rear part, next to the equipment rack

Price: 480,00 €

Additional cabinet for medical accessories with roll-up closing system and lights

Price: 350,00 €

Additional integrated closets, open, for medical equipment

Price: 120,00 €

Trauma box

Price: 800,00 €

Universal rack for medical equipment Al

Price: 50,00 €

Seats MS-07 , surcharge

Price: 600,00 €

Extra ambulance seat MS-02 03

Price: 530,00 €

Ambulance seat MS MS-05 bench - 3 pcs

Price: 830,00 €

Passage door to the driver's compartment, electronic regulation

Price: 1.500,00 €


LIGHT BAR , spoiler LED module, 1 pc

Price: 480,00 €

Extra battery charger 24 Ah

Price: 100,00 €

Extra outlets 12 V – 2 pcs

Price: 35,00 €

Outlet 220 V, 1pc

Price: 25,00 €

Inverter EU 1000 W

Price: 480,00 €

Medical equipment

Main stretcher

Main stretcher PROMEBA PC-610 /7

Price: 2.498,00 €

Main stretcher PROMEBA PC-610 /7 H

Price: 2.498,00 €

Safety belts for stretcher PROMEBA PA 172

Price: 250,00 €

Main stretcher Stryker M1 (used, refurbished)

Price: 2.800,00 €

Main stretcher FERNO Mondial

Price: 8.800,00 €


Stretcher base MS PO-01-B

Price: 850,00 €

Stretcher base PO-02-L, with lateral movement

Price: 1.250,00 €

Stretcher base PO-04 -L, with lateral movement , PO-04-L

Price: 1.680,00 €

Cardio chairs

Stair stretcher SPENCER 420

Price: 645,00 €

Stair stretcher SPENCER 425

Price: 690,00 €

Other equipment

Oxygen bottle 10 l 1 piece

Price: 105,00 €

Oxygen bottle 10 l 2 pieces

Price: 210,00 €

Vacuum mattress SPENCER NEXUS with a pump

Price: 490,00 €

Folding stretcher SKN-RL-01

Price: 220,00 €

System for oxygen DELTA P, DIN connection 1 pc , AFNOR , UNI BS SS

Price: 150,00 €

Supplemental stretcher

Price: 150,00 €

Carry sheet PN-RL-01

Price: 100,00 €

Bull-bar lateral, stainless steel, AL threshold

Price: 680,00 €

Bull-bar lateral, stainless steel, AL thresholds for model Mercedes MX edition

Price: 780,00 €

Loading platform, rear

Price: 2.850,00 €

Varnishing of bumpers and lateral plastic elements in the vehicle colour in case of bumpers scheduled for varnishing

Price: 600,00 €

Vehicle graphic (see photo)

Price: 800,00 €

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