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Who we are

MS Ambulance d.o.o.
Jagodno 91, Velika Gorica, Croatia

The address of our website is:

What personal information we collect and why


Your privacy and the security of your data is extremely important to us, so we want to share with you the rules we have implemented in our business.

We will not sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to any unauthorized third party for any purpose or for the purpose of carrying out third party promotional activities.

We have paid special attention to the fact that the rules on personal data protection are incorporated into all our business procedures and that we apply the highest standards of information security in our business.

In what situations may we collect your personal information
when participating in our contests or promotions
if you report a problem with our website
if you provide us with personal information as part of the surveys
when buying through a web shop without registration
when ordering via email
when visiting our website we may collect traffic data, location and other communication data

Access to the content on our site that involves the collection of personal data is not allowed to persons under 16 years of age and we do not collect or process personal data of persons under 16 years of age. If we learn that we have been provided with the personal data of such persons, we will delete them without delay.

Exceptionally, a parent may consent to the collection and processing of personal data of a child under the age of 16. In this case, a verification message will be sent to the parent’s e-mail with a request that the parent submit a copy of his / her identity card. Data from the identity card that are not required (photo, OIB, ID card number) will be made invisible, and data from the child and parents will be kept in accordance with the rules set out in these Rules.

What data we collect

if you only browse our website, then we collect the information listed at the bottom of this page under the heading Cookie Policy
in case of applying to our contests, we collect the following personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, username and photos that you have chosen with your consent
if you place an order through our web shop without registration, by e-mail, then we collect the following personal data: name, address, city, e-mail, phone and keep them for a period of three months from the date of purchase and only to be able to fulfill their contractual obligations (eg product delivery, complaint procedure, etc.) and contact you as part of providing customer support
Who do we share data with

We store personal data on servers that we have leased from the service providers DHH d.o.o., Nobileova 20, 52100 Pula, which are located in the Republic of Croatia.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a tool for collecting anonymous data about users of our websites, which collects data on how often users visit our websites, which pages they visit, when they visit them, how long they stay and from which country they come from, etc. using cookies and IP addresses for the following purposes:

to improve the user experience
to monitor the success of marketing campaigns
for the analysis of patterns of behavior

If you want to turn off Google Analytics, you can install Google Plugin for your browser to prevent this. You can download the plugin here.

More information on how Google uses such collected data can be found here.

Organizational and security measures we have taken to protect personal data

encrypted connection (https)
limited physical access only to authorized persons
tracking access logs

Purposes for which we use personal information

to fulfill contractual obligations
to display the content of your web pages in the most efficient way on your device
to answer your queries
to send you notifications of changes related to our services
to send promotional emails, in cases where you have given your express consent to do so
to prevent fraud

Data storage time
We will not keep your data longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

After the retention period, we will either delete or anonymize the personal data so that they can no longer be linked to anyone.

data contained in the account and data on financial transactions – 11 years (in accordance with the Accounting Act Art. 10 (OG 120/16))
unregistered customers – 3 months

What rights do you have regarding the collection and processing of personal data

to information about the processing of your personal data
gain access to personal information about yourself
seek the correction of inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete personal data
request that personal data be deleted when they are no longer needed or if the processing is illegal
object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or on grounds related to your particular situation
to request

To exercise your rights, you can contact us at

How can you contact us
You can send us an e-mail to

Supervisory body
The supervisory body is the Agency for Personal Data Protection (AZOP), and information on how you can protect your rights before the supervisory body can be found here.



In order for the website to work properly and to be improved in order to improve your browsing experience, a minimum amount of information (cookies) must be stored on your computer. More than 90% of websites use the practice of cookies and are obliged to request the consent of the user according to the rules of the European Union. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies, the blocking of which allows you to continue browsing the site, but some of its features will not be functional.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is information stored on your computer by a website you visit. Cookies usually store your preferences, website settings, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same website again, the internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page. This allows the site to display information tailored to your needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information including personal information (such as your name or email address). However, this information can only be saved if you allow it – websites cannot access information that you did not give them and cannot access other files on your computer or mobile device. The default cookie saving and sending activities are not visible to you. However, you can change your internet browser settings so that you can choose whether to approve or reject requests to save cookies, delete saved cookies automatically when you close your internet browser and the like.

How to disable cookies?
By turning off cookies, you decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some of the functionality on the website.

What are temporary cookies?
Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your Internet browser. They use them to store temporary information, such as items in the shopping cart.

What are persistent cookies?
Persistent or saved cookies remain on your computer after you close your Internet browser program. With them, websites store information, such as a login name and password, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit a particular site. Persistent cookies will stay on your computer for days, months, even years.

What are first party cookies?
First-party cookies come from the website you are viewing, and can be permanent or temporary. With these cookies, websites can store data that they will use again the next time they visit that website.

What are third-party cookies?
Third-party cookies come from ads on other websites (such as pop-ups or other ads) that are located on the website you are viewing. With these cookies, websites can track the use of the Internet for marketing purposes.

Does this website use cookies?
Yes, with the primary goal of making our website provide you with a better user experience.

What cookies does this website use and why?
Session cookies – are cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close your internet browser. We use “session cookies” to enhance the user experience during the visit.

Persistent cookies – usually have an expiration date far into the future and will remain in your browser until they expire or are deleted manually. We use persistent cookies to better understand user habits so that we can improve the website according to your habits. However, based on the data collected in this way, it is not possible to identify you as a user, and the collected data is used exclusively for statistical purposes.

Are there any third party cookies on the website?
There are several external services that store limited cookies for the user. These cookies are not set by this website, but some are used for the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access the content. Therefore, the data protection information you are familiar with here only applies to this website, and data protection by external services should be checked on their official website.

Measurement of attendance

This website uses the Google Analytics traffic measurement service. Even on the basis of such collected data, it is not possible to identify users, and the collected data are used exclusively for statistical purposes. If you want to prevent the listed services from storing cookies for you, you can disable them for each service at the following links:

Google Analytics

Additional information about opting out of cookies
There are currently several websites to turn off the storage of cookies for different services. You can find out more at the following links: